Top 10 Prospecting Tips

Top 10 Prospecting Tips

FREE Lead Generation Training Webinar reveals the Top 10 Prospecting Tips this #1 income earner in a Network Marketing Co., with thousands of reps, used to generate roughly 50 leads/day, ABLOLUTELY FREE, and you can do this and generate free leads too!

~From the desk of Robert Dorsey~

These ten proven mlm prospecting tricks, multiplied by 2-10 leads per day per trick, equals a fresh batch of roughly 50 quality leads for your business per day for FREE!

Prospecting trick #2 is going to blow you away! It's quite possibly the funniest and most creative marketing trick I've ever heard of, and it literally had me laughing out loud. The best part is that it works like clockwork to attract serious, quality leads to you, all of which are guaranteed to ask you about your business!

Building your business is not just what works, it's what duplicates. Your business lead generation system must have clarity in any MLM and making money system.

The names that you have heard of, the celebrity marketers, never quit. You can't live the lifestyle they have accomplished without putting in the kind of work that those hustlers have put in.

Tactic #1 of Top 10 Prospecting Tips

Use the system. What is the system?

My Lead System Pro is the best mlm lead generation system on the planet. A copy/paste, step-by-step how to, video and recorded webinar training that is like nothing else there is out there.

Tactic #2 of Top 10 Prospecting Tips

Work events. What events are we talking about?

Not putting on events, working events. Events advertised in your local paper,, charity events, highend events, car shows, boat shows, etc..

Pick two per week, and don't give out, but GET as many business cards as possible without introducing what it is you do.

Follow up the next day on the phone, “Hey, [first name], I met you at [event] and we didn't get a chance to talk much, but I was just wondering if I could ask you a question?”

How to cold call is to turn your prospects into your warm market. This is not cold calling, you have already met.

Wait for answer. “Would you be open to a side project that doesn't interfere with what you are currently doing”?

Is this MLM? Absolutely, if it wasn't I wouldn't be involved with it.

Tactic #3 of Top 10 Prospecting Tips

Ask For Referrals.

“Hey, you have got to know someone who has been affected by this economy or lost their jobs, mind we shared this with them?”

No, really? You don't know anyone struggling? “I talked to these people and they seemed really interested, do you know anyone else?”

These and many more Top 10 Prospecting Tips revealed in this FREE webinar training for building an online internet business that duplicates. These tactics work for your competition, don't get left behind.

Whatever you do, your prospects will think they will have to do it. Make it simple so that anyone will watch you and decide they can do what you are doing.

Would you be open to a side project that doesn't interfere with what you are currently doing?

How are you doing with generating leads online? Building your business is not just what works, it's what duplicates.

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