Health And Wellness - My Story

Health And Wellness - My Story

The reason I am so passionate about health and wellness, is because I remember what it was like not to be healthy. My story may be different than other people's, but then it may not be.

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 I am sixty-four years old now, but before I was forty, I had several Doctors who thought I would be in a wheelchair by the time I hit forty.

I went to one medical Doctor who wanted to fuse three vertebrae in my back. I have talked to some people I knew who had gone through the same operation and I found that sometimes it worked and sometime it didn't.

I went to another Doctor who wanted to pump me full of cortisone so I could work with the pain. I never went back to see him.

And I had three chiropractors give up on me because they told me that they couldn't do anything more for me. I could walk into there office's in pain and walk out reasonable better, but by the time I got to my truck, I would be in pain again.

None of these solutions were the answer to my problem. When I did find someone who knew how to diagnose me correctly, I found out that the solution to the problem was something entirely different than what anyone else had suggested.

I found that all the other Doctors I went to were only going to treat the result of the problem which were the symptoms, not find the cause of the problem.

But isn't that what most of us go to the Doctor for, we go to a Doctor because we are experiencing the symptoms of a problem and when he asks us what is wrong, we tell him what the symptoms are.

So we go to the Doctor to find out what is causing your problem and we get treated for the symptom and cannot always find out what is really causing the symptoms in the first place.

So this has been my story over the first 40 years of my life. I had pain most of the time, I walked with a limp, I was hunched over most of the time, and was just generally not having a good time.

As I was gradually getting worse, I was searching more often for a Doctor who could find a solution and stop the pain.

One month after reaching my 40th birthday and thinking that my back pain was severe enough that maybe they were right, maybe I would end up in a wheelchair, I had a miraculous breakthrough.

We were told of a Doctor in a nearby town who had cured a neighbour of ours with similar problems as me, and that neighbour was already back to work without any pain.

I had finally found someone who diagnosed me correctly, and to make a long story short, I am now 64 years old and have never had any pain, I do not limp, and I walk straight ever since I was healed.

And I was surprised to find out what my problem was that had been causing me so much grief most of my life.

And the answer to my problems: NUTRITION

Although I was eating a well balanced healthy diet with fresh garden vegetables right from our own garden and followed the food guide we all learned about in school, my body was starving to death.

My body was not able to break down the food in my digestive system, therefore the nutrients were not able to be absorbed and assimilated into the blood stream to take nutrition back to my organs and they were shutting down.

Once the organs started to shut down, their function to balance the body is weakened and the body begins to die.

High Doses Of Nutrition

This was my state, and I was told that the only way to start jump my organs back to good health was by taking high doses of nutrition.

I was given high doses of health supplements which targeted each area of concern one at a time in order to get me back to good health.

I must add here, that without the use of a muscle testing method called Kinesiology, this would not have been possible.

Indigestion and that blotting feeling after a big meal gradually disappeared and I started feeling good again.

After six months of treatments, I had no back pain, no sciatic nerve pain, I was walking straight without being hunched over, no limp, and feeling stronger than I had felt for years. And all because I got some proper nutrition into me that I didn't have to rely on my digestive system to breakdown.

So what did I have to do after to maintain optimum health? I had to study about health nutrition and what nutrients are necessary to balance the body.

I searched out and found a product that fit my needs exactly. It is WHOLE FOOD put through a juicing process. That juice then is dried by removing the water. The remaining product is turned into a powder of food particles which is highly concentrated whole food nutrients.

Seventeen different varieties of high end nutritional produce are used, all fruits and vegetables with no animal ingredients, to provide the highest possible nutritional value.

That is why I have been saying for over twenty years now, that Juice Plus+ has literally saved my life.

I have been taking Juice Plus+ since 1993, and I have not had to go back to the Doctor for treatments since I have been using Juice Plus+. My current health status is great at the age of 64.

Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, only in my case, it is THE BEST SOURCE that I have found.

When the health craze for holistic nutrition hit the western world, and people became more health awareness conscious, holistic medicine and health food stores can now be found everywhere. Nearly ever kitchen has a juicer that now collects dust because the novelty wore off and it became too expensive to be buying all that produce to keep up with juicing.

Juice Plus+ is truly a “no mess, no fuss” way to eat fresh fruits and vegetables without having to chew, taste, and breakdown your food. Two fruit capsules in the morning and two vegetable capsules in the afternoon along with an 8 oz glass of water, and you have your daily supply of fruits and vegetable. Anything else you will eat during the day is for fibre, bulk and liquid.

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