David Wood Review

David Wood Review


In this David Wood Review I will give some of my personal observations of what I see about David Wood and his contribution to the MLM online network marketing industry.

~From the desk of Robert Dorsey~

I came across David Wood through My Lead System Pro marketing system when I first heard them introducing their top leaders and when I saw the figures they were putting up for his accomplishments, I wondered, was this guy for real?

I have since read his story and heard David's story in his videos about how he failed at the old traditional way of marketing MLM business and at one point even got a ticket from the police for being homeless and living in the back of a van on the north shore of Hawaii.

David has lived in different parts of the world but now resides in Costa Rica living on the beach with a rain forest for a back yard.

Thank God he has an Internet connection for him to do his business.

David Wood has the highest number of recruits in My Lead System Pro and is one of the top earners in his primary business opportunity.

Although he has many different sources of leads for his business, since he started in MLSP, he has and still does, accomplish this mainly through article marketing.

His challenge to us is to write one article every day for one hundred days, post them on your blog and submit them to article directories for backlinks to your blog. It is these articles that target a unique audience using specific keywords that people are searching for to get traffic to your web site.

David Wood is one of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet. His moto is “be yourself”. If you watch his videos you will see him in his home, maybe with a shirt on, maybe not, or maybe on the beach taking a swim in the ocean, but he is just being himself.

David Wood has an eight day training video series about article marketing that are his secrets as to how he got starting with building such a massive following in MLSP. This article marketing course is free and has all the step by step 'how to' get set up for the same results.


Is David Wood for Real?

Is David Wood for Real? Absolutely yes. I have shown in this David Wood Review that David has only one objective in mind, and that is to help as many people as he can get the same results he has and live a lifestyle that they have only dreamed about.

The results he gets from his desire to help people speak for themselves, David Wood is people oriented. I've spent enough time watching his videos and reviewing his materials over this last month that I can say with absolute certainty that what he teaches will work if someone will put in the kind of effort and determination that online success requires.

The one thing that David always stresses is this, “There are enough people in the world for everyone in this business to find people looking for this kind of income source that works and nobody has to worry about not finding enough people to work with.”

Copying David Wood's system is not enough to build your own Network Marketing company though, you need to learn to brand yourself as a leader, market yourself online, and promote yourself. After all, it is your own business you are building.

Thanks for reading this David Wood Review and if you really want to succeed online and build your own Internet Marketing business, watch the video below and follow the links at the bottom to get started.

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